Who We Are


Enosis was born on June 6, 2013 from an Ecuadorian (Jorge Luis Maza) and a Greek (Karakitsios Georgios). The two of them were classmates during their Master (Multimedia Design at the EUGimbernat attached to the autonomous university of Barcelona UAB) and thought building a team.
The idea became stronger when it appeared an opportunity to create a webpage for a company. They set to work on it and everything went very well and so remains. After a short time in the team was added another friend from Venezuela (Alvaro Gamboa). So the team became complete.

The name came looking for a word that could express the union of people, knowledge, ideas, experiences, methodologies, concepts, tools, interests, opinions. All this is included in the Greek word: Ένωσις, Enosis, which means union. The red letters “e,sis”, together mean: You, Εσείς, which means offering service to You.

We deal with methodologies such as Lean Start-Up or ITIL, seeking guidance and directions of efforts to help us be more agile and adapt more quickly to the needs of our customers and the market in general.

We are a young team of professionals from diverse backgrounds, as designers, publishers, producers, programmers, electronics and also with various experiences in different fields. What brought us together is a passion, passion for Multimedia Applications, Web Solutions and Marketing Online.

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