Dancer Saul Junior

Saul or better known as Junior is a dancer since 1998 ,starting in urban discipline B.Boying (Break-Dance) during its years of experience has expanded its expertise in styles of Hip Hop, House Dance and Salsa.

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Logos & Mailing

Before launching a product to the market, it is always important to analyze...

3D & Animation

3D modeling of all kinds, renderings that seem alive with many details

Leak Free Roof Warranty

Leak Free Roof Warranty is a company that offers guarantees of roof repairs and targets homeowners as well as estate agents. Their service is an absolute marketing tool for sellers, offering potential buyers a "security blanket" against unforeseen problems

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Mastralexis School

The school offers high support young students from 15-18 years, with a very capable team can lead them with success to the university of their choice.

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